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claire’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Jul 2008

Location: bangkok, Thailand

MapArrived in Bangkok after our overnight stay in Singapore. To be honest we went straight to bed in singapore so we will do more exploring when we come back in a few months.
For our 1st night we decided to treat ourselfs to a very nice hotel on Rambuttri Road in Bangkok. Ok, so it only cost us 1850baht for the night (16 quid ish) but for here, thats quite expensive. We were tempted to get room service and go to bed but we were a stone throw away from the famous Khao San Road (in the beach) so we decided to explore.
Its crazy, loud and full of westerners but we love it. The Khao San Road is about 400 long and jam packed full of market stalls, market bars, road traders and dogs. Its such a hectic experience and every other person is trying to sell you a hammock/necklace/ping pong show/tuk tuk/taxi etc, and i have certainly got the art of saying no!
After a few days settling in and finding good accommodation (thanks nick & backy) we set off to do some sightseeing. It was an early start (6.30am), and we headed straight to Languini Park to watch the locals to Tai chi, and see a bit more of the city. The park is really really clean and surprisingly quiet compared to the Khao San. It was quite an amazing sight to see locals dotted around the park doing Tai Chi, and I did fell uncomfortable watching so wejust strolled around taking it all in. We spotted a massive lizzard, around 1.5m long and it was gross!! To our amazement, in the rivers and lakes within the park there were loads of them!!
Once we had enough of lizard watching we headed to Erwan shrine, which is a budda shrine in the heart of New Bangkok. This shrine in crazy, and built around it is a massice spaghetti junction, and a array of designer shops. Quite the contrast!! We didnt stop here too long as there were masses of people trying to prey. We even managed to squeeze in Wat Ratchanatda which is another buddist shrine. Its localed within masive high walls and everywhere you stand, you are within a sight of one of the many buddas within the compound.
By this time it was noon and the heat was getting very unberable so we headed back to our hotel for a dip in the pool. Where its sooo hot you could sit in the pool all day and not get cold. Very good weather for siting around drinking beers though. Incidently, a large bottle of Singa costs 50 baht which is under a pound!!
We are trying not to go tooo crazy with the purchases but to be honest I have now got a new rucksack loads of clothes and jewellrey!!
Later on in the evening we watched the sunset at Santichaiprakan Park which is just off Rambuttri Soi. So many locals were just chilling there by the river. We even got to see the Royal Pavillion all lit up too. Headed back to the Khao San to try the local tipple, and bucket of sansung and red bull with Pad Thai (noodles, veg and egg). Those buckets are lethal and after two between us we did not drink too much more!!