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claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Jul 2008

Location: bangkok, Thailand

MapSorry guys getting rubbish at this blog thing.................

The next day we decided to get up early again (not quite sure whats got into us!) and head to the Wat Chang Songkhram. This is a monestry located just on the end of the Khao San Road. Again, the amount of gold in the temple was amazing, and the amount of money in the collection boxes is unbelieveable but its nice to see even the children here thake their religion seriously.
Once I had been quiet long enough we headed to the National art Gallery and the National Museum. Outside both there were groups of 'friendly' locals who advised these places were closed, but they had a friend who owned a tuk tuk and they could take us on a temple tour for only 10 baht!! What a scam, we know they never close!!!
The art in the gallary was amazing, but a little dissappointing that they dont preserve their art very well. A lot of the tapesrys had faded and falling apart. The most impressive room in the museum was the funaral cart room. It had actual carts that are used in processions when royalty passes away. The size of these carages is immense. Unfourtunatley we are not allowed to take any pictures!!!
After a quick bite to eat we tuk tuk-ed it to the Bayoke Skytower. This is the highest building in bangkok, and it stands at over 300m high. The views are amazing, it was just a shame we went up there in an overcast day. On top of the building they have a revolving platform so you can be lazy and not walk the whole way around. They have erected a high fence around the barriers as some Norwegins base jumped off the building!!!

Feeling a little sick of the height we walked to the Lingam Shrine. This is a shrine dedicated to fertility, and couples that are finding it hard to conceive visit here. The whole thing is a load of,well large penises, around 8 foot high. I know its bad but we could not stop laughing. We didnt hang around too long incase the 'luck' happened to us!!
After a heavy day we went back to the hotel pool and chilled and tried to top up our tans, we wanted to make Dad and Lucie jealous when they arrived tomorrow!!