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claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Jul 2008

Location: bangkok/hua hin/pattaya, Thailand

MapAfter the hectic life in bangkok, we travells 2 hours suth to Hua Hin. Hua Hin is a specail town to the Thais as the King still used it as his holiday home.
It was good to be near a beach and the air was noticibly cleaner than it was in the city. We spent the next week sunbathing and swimming in the swimming pool.
When we finally did drag ourselfs away, we took a trip up to monkey mountain. Its exactly what it says it is. There are monkeys everywhere. I bought soem monkey food and suddenly I was their best friend. Ben bought some food and they sat on his head!! Hilarious pictures.
After eating way too much and drinkinf far too much wine, we took a taxi to Pattaya, which is back upto bangkok and back down south on the other side. It took 5 hours so not the most comfy taxi ride but it was good to see somewhere new.
By day, Pattaya is a quiet seaside town where you can just browse through the shops and walk down the beach. By night, all the bars open and ladies are trying to drag you into ever bar. So, after dinner, and some lush mussells we headed back to the safety of our hotel and just drank the cocktails there!!
On our final day in Pattaya we did some parasailing. I have done it before but I forgot how much fun it is and we managed to get some good piccies of eachother too.
Later on that day we headed back to Bangkok as Ben and I had organised a trip around north thailand, laos, cambodia and vietnam which is leaving the following day.