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claire’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Jul 2008

Location: bangkok/chiangmei/chiangkhon, Thailand

MapSaid Goodbye to dad and Lucie on Thursday, and I was quite sad to see them leave!! Was good to have some company!!
Afterwards we met our group and headed down the klong river towards Wat Po which is reclining buddha. We had just seen this buddha only a week before so we just chilled in teh shade and took a few more piccies.
Aroud 4pm we left Bangkok on teh overnight sleeper train headed for Chiangmei. It was such a giggle with teh 12 of us. we just sat there drinking Singa, which they sold by the large bottle!! Annoyingly, the staff make the beds up at 9.30pm so you have to go to bed a be quiet!! I was surprised at the amount of room I had in my bed. Poor Ben had the top bunk so im sure he was not as lucky!!
After a good, but disturbed nights sleep we awoke at 6.00am to find ourselves only 1 hour away from Chaingmei. After collecting our baggage and getting a taxi to out hotel I was fijnally allowed a shower. I felt so gross for sleeping on a train!!
We had a activity booked for the afternoon, elephant trekking. I was so excited. It was soo much fun, just a bit unfourtunate that teh baby elephant stepped on Bens foot. Its now slighty flat but ok!!
In the evening we headed up the mountain to Doi Suthep which is a pagoda, temple and monesrty on the hill overlooking chiangmei. We managed to get there in time to hear the monks chanting and praying, and it was a moving experience. I was lucky enough to be blessed by one of the monks and was given a wristbad to wear for good luck.
Ben was really excited about our late evenings activity- Mei Thai, the traditional kick boxing event. What did surprise me was they had kids involved and this sport is notorious for being very brutal and violent. Once we had seen enough kicking and punching we headed back for much needed rest!!
This morning we left Chiangmei around 9 and drove for 5 hours to the border Chiangkhong. Its a tiny little village on the Mekong river just outside of Laos. We are staying in a traditional Thai house which all the furnishings. Over the next few days we are going to be sailing along the Mekong so that should be an interesting expereince!!!