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claire’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Jul 2008

Location: Chiang Khong/Pakbeng, Laos

MapSorry for the lack of pics but the net out here takes an age to download!!

Once we had all our bages loaded on the boat we set sail down the Mekong River. I had to get used to teh 'facilities' as we were stuck on this boat for 2 days ahhh!!! Luckily we didnt have to sleep on the boat. Once our 8 hours were up we stopped off at Pakbeng just inside the Laos boarder to have some dinner and sleep. Didnt get much of the latter as everyone owns a rooster and they go off and stupid O clock!!!
Ahh sooo annoying as we have another 8 hours on that tiny boat!!! So back on at 7.00am and set sail to Luang Prabang.