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Si’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Apr 2006

Location: Canberra, Australia


Yep thats right........I`m home!! The little white lie in my last diary entry about me travelling more of Chile was all false as I have spend the last two weeks surfing my way home through Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Tahiti!!.... a great end to my trip.!!

Obviously I wanted to surpise everyone so I didnt mention my plans, even though I bought my ticket 7 months ago!! Everything went to plan, I arrived back on April 10 in the morning. A mate drove up from Canberra too picked me up (thanks Johnno). We then spent the day driving down the south coast looking for
waves, then headed back to Canberra in the evening. It was my sisters birthday and the whole family had gathered at my parents house for the celebration.......totally oblivious to my upcoming arrival. I arrived home around 8pm, walked around the back of the house and straight through the back door. The whole family was standing in the living room and didnt notice my entrance until I walked in the room, took off my hat and just said.....'G'day"
The responses were priceless, i wish I had taken a camera. There was a five second pause while everyone triedto register who I was and then it was screams, tears and loads of stoked to see my family again!!

There is another diary entry I wrote just before arriving home detailing my adventures in Easter Island and Tahiti. There are also new check em out!!

Over the last month, while preparing myself for the end to my adventures, I have put together some statistics and facts that I thought might be interesting. Enjoy:

Time: 1 year 2 months 17 days (441 days)
Countries: 10
Money: Way to much!!
Airplanes: 14
Buses: 98 (Guesstamite)
Boats: 15
Women: Haha a gentleman never tells!!!
Books Read: 25
Photos taken: 3457
Website visits: 4750

Other facts:
- 4 pairs of sunglasses
- 3 pairs of thongs (flip-flops)
- 5 snapped surfboard fins
- 13 scuba dives
- 1 Stolen Ipod and 1 Stoled Westuit
- 1 trip to Hospital

Favourite Country:
This is a hard one cause each country gave me different experiences and each has its own place in my heart!!!

Best Women:
Definately Columbia, Argentina and Brazil.

Most Humbling Experience:
Teaching english in the slums of Medellin (Columbia), living with the Kuna Indians on the San Blas and visiting the miners in
Potosi (Bolivia)

Scariest Experience:
Nearly dying while trying to climb the Peruvian Andes

Best Party:
Carnaval 2006!! Craziest party I have ever seen!! Biggest on earth!!

Best Surf:

MyTop 5 Places:
The Salt Lakes (Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia)
Easter Island (Isla de Pasqua - Chile)
San Blas ISlands - Panama
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Teahupoo - Tahiti


I have no idea! Travelling for as long as I did really shakes things up, but in a good way. So its time for a new chapter in The Life of Si!!
This trip has definately opened my mind to travelling and there are so many more places that I want to much to see in such little time.
Right now I have so many options and over the next few weeks I will decide where I want to go. I will just have to wait and see who wants to employ an out-of-work travel bum!! Also anyone wanting to donate to the "keep Simon off the streets" fund just give me an email...........hahaha

To all my friends and family at home who kept in contact and updated me, reminding me that life at home never changes........thanks for keeping me going. Now get your asses to South America!!
To all the people I met while travelling. I was amazing to have met you all and I hope one day we can meet again somewhere in the world, so lets keep in touch (details below). And if you are ever in Australia, look me up, you always have a place to stay.

This website should be up for another 8 months. I am planning to make another one, in time so I will keep you posted.

Below are my contact details. I would love to hear from everyone, so give me a call or email me, its been a while!! It would be great to catch up!!!
0408606467 (61408606467)

Until next time..........adios!!