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Si’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007

Location: Ischgl, Austria

MapWell I’m back!!! I’ve had enough of the normal life and the travel bug has once again taken control of me!! This time I am in Austria snowboarding with some mates and living the ski-bum lifestyle.

Not much happened over the last eight months while in Canberra. It took me a while to get a job as I was still deciding where I wanted to live. I ended up taking a contract back at the AFP and moved out with a couple of mates. Brennie came over from Argentina to visit for 6 weeks which was awesome. It was so great to be able show her Australia……well parts of it. That’s about it really; I snowboarded, surfed, partied and hung with my family not much else to update.

So here I am now sitting in an apartment in a little town called Ischgl, in south-west Austria near the Swiss border. The flight over was as good as you’d expect from a 22 hour flight. We missed our connecting flight from Vienna to Innsbruck which was a little annoying, but after another plane, train and a quick bus I was sitting in a hotel with the four of my best mates catching up on 8 months of separation.

New Year’s Eve was awesome. Nick and Danks bought some fireworks which turned into way too much havoc for us and the surrounding houses……It turns out our aim isn’t as good as we thought. After a few drinks at our apartment and nearly blowing up half the neighborhood, we headed into town and partied with all the Austrians and Germans. It was good to let loose with the boys again!!

It snowed about 40cm the first week we arrived which seemed like a sign of good things to come. We scored some unreal days of fresh powder, some of the best runs in my life. Unfortunately Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to us at the moment with unseasonably hot weather currently making a mess of things. However we are still having fun building kickers (jumps) off piste and we’re hoping the snow will fall at the end of January and throughout February.

So what are my plans you ask!! I’m planning to hang out in Austria for another couple of months, probably till mid March. Then Joel, Nick and I will make our way to London where I plan to live, work and travel Europe for a couple of years..........well its still just a plan!!

So please keep an eye on this space. I will try and keep the site updated with photos and journals as much as possible. Finding an internet café has been a bit of a task but I’ll do my best. I have a local phone number here (+43 6766 821 965), so send me a message or give me a call.