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Kylie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Apr 2008

Location: Dubai Tour, United Arab Emirates

MapAs the holidays draw to a close, thought it was time to update you on my school holiday break here in Dubai. Have had a pretty relaxing time with a bit of touristy stuff, bit of exercise, a few get-togethers and some (dare I say it) work.
The first week I got only mildly lost on my way out to the Palm to visit the lovely Barr family. Was great to catch up with some familiar faces from Singapore.
Jax, Lauren and I ventured out to see Dubai on a Big Bus Day Trip. We found a lovely little spot for lunch and needless to say, lost track of time and did not get to see everything that we wanted to see (lunch was delicious though). |I have attached some photo's of our day.
Yesterday Jax, Faith, Lauren, Rudi and I spent the day at Wild Wadi which is a fantastic water theme park located right next to Jumeirah Beach. It is starting to get a bit warmer here (about 37 degress C) during the days now so it was lovely to spend the day 'playing' on water slides. Massive Wedgies were the order of the day!
Have managed to squeeze in a facial, 2 trips to the movies, a couple of nights out and several lunches with the girls.
Back to work on Sunday and then the 12 week countdown until the end of the school year and....HOLIDAYS...2 glorious months of them.
Yours in sand and sun,
Kylz xxx