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Matt & Collette’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Mar 2008

Location: North Goa, India

MapHello all from a warm and sunny Goa!

Sorry for delay in our first post as Delhi's computers were not quite how do we say 'the latest' models! They looked as old as some of the Temples we were visiting!

It was over a week ago since our journey began (after an emergency stop on route to the airport so collette could be travel sick.... something which has continued throughout our trip!!!), and we have seen so much and done so much that we could go on forever if we were to tell it all! Matts friend Amit has joined us for our first two weeks in India, so the three of us have been exploring together!

We had a busy few days exploring Delhi and heading out to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and a near by Ghost City with similar Fort that everyone abandoned for no apparant reason! Taj Mahal is indescribably beautiful, pictures dont do it justice. The cheapness of everything in India keeps leaving us speechless, 3 curries, 3 naans, 3 2litre bottles of water at dinner, and all for under 1pound fifty!

We met Amit's cousin Alpesh and his family who were amazing and fed us great local dishes, although they did say they were breaking us in slowly with the spices! They provided us with our own driver (and air conditioned car no less!), so we havent been 'proper' backpackers yet! All the food we have eaten has been amazing (Collette and Matt will try spicer things than Amit!) and the hospitality of Alpesh and his wife Piyal has left us with the fondest memories of Delhi. However Collette did drag us all to Subway when she spotted one!

We then moved on to Goa on Saturday and have been exploring Central and Southern Goa visiting Temples, Mosques and very large waterfalls! That Collette was too chicken to jump in! (note: Collette is insisting she was NOT to chicken to jump into thank you very much Matthew, she CHOSE not to go in because she was being modest, and was aware that it was not appropraite for women to be showing their flesh around so many local men!)Today we moved up to North Goa for 2 nights to check out the night life in the more touristy areas, will let you know how they go!

We will try not to be so long next time hopefuly Nepal's computers are ok! We havent had a chance to upload photos yet, but we will put some on here when we get a chance!

Love Matt and Collette