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Frankieboy’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008

Location: Birmingham, UK

MapSold my gorgeous Mondeo on Sunday to some dodgey Polish guys. Gutted. Shanks' pony now. Written my will, sorting out loads of admin. Set this site up. My dad asked me whether I'd like to be cremated or buried?!!!! What a morbid bugger. (Cremated obviously. I love fire...)

Putting together a list of stuff to pack. Said goodbye to Jon & Helen yesterday. "See you in Hong Kong on Sunday!" Very random!

Crapping myself to tell the truth. Not looking forward to the 12 hour flight to HK.Not looking forward to Heathrow at all. All flights will no doubt be cancelled anyway due to Greenpeace protesters jumping on planes. I must say I'm feeling very guilty about my Carbon Footprint. (my arse)