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Frankieboy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009

MapDecided to brave the heat and venture out of the hostel. Thought I'd go out and check out Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

The heat was oppressive. It reminded me of being back in Queensland if not worse. I'd brought my camera with me and was thus cruelly unable to jump in the sea which looked inviting to say the least.

I took a few pics of Copacabana then walked to Ipanema. It's quite a long walk - must be a couple of miles at least. By the time I'd reached Ipanema I was covered in sweat. I bought a coconut to rehydrate (see pic). Funny taste - quite sweet and doesn't really taste of anything. It's surprising how much liquid they contain. I was well and truly sick of it by the bottom. It certainly quenched my thirst though.

I was accosted by some annoying bloke who although said that he was my "friend" ;-) refused to bugger off so I gave him a couple of Real which seemed to do the trick. I was more concerned about the nice camera in my pocket. Back home chavscum would have assaulted you and taken your belongings so I was delighted! Despite this guy though I felt decidedly safe walking around. I'm sure the risks are blown out of all proportion....

With it being so hot and me being totally lazy I hailed a cab (despite Fran's word of warning!) which took me back to the hostel in air conditioned luxury.

There's a pool competition tonight at the hostel which I might as well enter. Let's see if I can win another one!