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Frankieboy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Jan 2009

Location: Brazil

MapFriday 16th Jan 2009

According to the Irish girls I proposed to both of them on the boat. It must have been a good night! They were obviously very flattered…

I think I spent most of the day in bed recovering. In the evening I hooked up with Ben and James (– another lad from the West Midlands unbelievably) and the plan was to go to the Lapa street party. Lapa is a neighbourhood in Rio which turns into one big street party every Friday. Hundreds of people show up. I was a bit worried about being mugged so I didn’t take my camera which was a real shame because I’d have loved to have captured it for posterity.

The hostel organized for a few taxis to take us there. I was going to go with Ben and James but as the there was no room in their taxi I caught the next one with some Swedish guys. I was under the impression that all the taxis would be meeting up at the same place so it wouldn’t matter.

Arriving at Lapa the traffic was horrendous, with hundreds of people lining the streets. There was no way we would be meeting up with the others. I was then going to be stuck with team Sweden who I didn’t know from Adam. I think they felt about as awkward about at as I did. We had a few beers together and we got along very well. We ended up in a club under the archways of the Lapa viaduct. It was so hot in there it was pretty much unbearable. The temperature outside must have been about 35 so in there – god only knows. The toilets in the club were fairly horrendous. I walked into the gents’ urinal only to find a girl in there standing over a urinal peeing into to it with quite an impressive trajectory! I was as shocked as I was embarrassed and made a hasty retreat apologising in a very British way. She didn’t care – there was a bloke peeing next to her. All very Bohemian!

All in all it was superb to witness Lapa – an incredible party atmosphere, just a shame that I ended up going with some complete randoms.