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Hannah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Location: Brussels, Belgium

MapHelllloooo from Brussels.
I have made it to Brussels today, train trip not too bad. Kanye kept me entertained most of the way. Love my ipod on this trip! So Marseilles ended up being alot of fun. Perhaps too much on the night out that a few of the people staying at the hostel and I had..... Tad hungover yesterday, but you get that!! It was actually alot of fun. The hostel had a really nice bar so we started there and moved down to Port Vieux and to an Irish pub then a bar. I think my thing I liked most about Marseilles was that is was just so chill. All the people and the different activities I did, all very laid back. Annnnyyway, that has already changed here in Brussels. Tomorrow I am going to sightsee and then the day after that I'm off to Bruges for the day, and then I'll do more sightseeing for all the things I miss on the first day!!
I will try to see if I can't get some more photos uploaded too, but not many computers seem to have usb access :(
til next time...