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Hannah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jun 2008

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Even though I am home now this is my travel journal and I'm going to add in the last couple of days that I was too lazy to do before......
Firstly on friday morning I went to the Invalides which is a former army hospital turned museum and it's attached to the chapel that houses Napoleon's tomb. If you have ever been to Paris and seen a big gold dome roof building, that's the chapel. The tomb though, is huuuuuge. The chapel has a below ground lower story cut out in the middle and it's open and when you look in that's the casket. It's massive though, probably at least four meters high and way wide and long for just a little guy. Napoleon wsn't that big a guy. I wonder though, he was well out of power and favour and actually in exile when he died so it' surprising that he was given such a spectacle of a tomb. I guess while he was on top though, he did alot for France.
So then it was still early in the day so I went to the Musee D'Orsay which is a gallery with works starting from about 1850 to the early 1900's. I wasn't too impressed with the collection, for two reasons. It was impressionist, which is not my fave, and also while they had some big names, I am the kind of person who knows just by looking at the painting whether or not I like it. So there were monet and rodin and manet and van gough, but they just weren't my cup of tea. Actually there was one I did like though, which is called Whistler's Mother, if you have heard of it, and I kind of liked it, at least better than all of Van Gough's flower arrangements and Monets water lilies!
Then after that I accidentally went shopping........on purpose!!!!!!
There are a couple of faves that I have found. I really liked Zara for clothes, it had some really nice little dresses, then there is this store called Sephora which is just like a cosmetics, perfume etc store. Sounds boring but it has all the make-up brands that I love like nars and stila and make-up forever (hard to find at home), so I just had to make a couple of purchases there.... After that then I was ready for one last museum, called the Pompidou, and this was right up my alley, for sure! It's all modern art, so has everything from Picasso and Dali and Joan Miro and a whole room of Philip Stark stuff and all these bright and colourful peices that I loved. I would prefer something that looks like it was done by a kindergarten student than a boring landscape, as long as they used plenty of colour!
So Saturday was my birthday, which was fun, so I decided to go out and have breakfast first of all. I hadn't yet had a hot chocolate for the whole trip, which are meant to be very nice so I tried one. Big mistake!! It was literally like drinking a cup of melted chocolate. Too much for me.... Then I went to the markets to see what I could find. I was hoping for bits of jewellery and scarves and a couple of antique stalls but it was mostly clothing, for guys. I did find one scarf though, so not a total waste of the morning. With lunch I just had to have a birthday cocktail so tried a kir royal, which was very nice :)
Then I had a brainwave of exactly what I could do fun for my birthday. Perfect idea.....The new Sex and the City movie!!! I found a cinema that screened it in original english, just with french subtitles, so I got my popcorn and malteasers and it was just awesome! Funniest movie for sure. The whole cinema was packed out with not a spare seat and everyone was cracking up the whole way through and then at the end everyone clapped and cheered!!!!
So, meanwhile back in Australia my brother and his wife had their new baby girl, on my birthday! Best present ever! I have suggested a fantastic middle name, Hannah, of course.
Unfortunately I had to leave early the next morning, but at least this flight wasn't delayed. Got back to Mum and Dad's and then for my last full day we went to Switzerland for lunch. I love saying that. Oh yes, we just popped over to Switzerland for a coupe of hours. It was only about just over an hour on the train I think, so that was handy. And how awesomely awesome, I got me a swiss army knife, from switzerland!!!! How many peope can say that now huh!!!!
I finally managed to buy some shoes while I was on holiday too, a pair of gold sandals!! I couldn't go home without any new shoes, I don't care how many cute dresses I got!
The flight was fine, and I even got to sleep for about 6 hours in Japan in my hotel, which made up for the lonely hour I got in all the flying....12 hours and then 9 hours.....sigh!
Aaaaanyway, am all back now and couldn't be happier with how the whole trip went. I didn't get sick, I saw heaps of stuff, ate heaps of different things and met some cool people. I am already thinking of where to go next.......