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Clare and AL’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Apr 2008

Location: Selcuk, Turkey

MapCouple of days later we headed south to Selcuk, we stayed there for 4 nıghts & dıd tours of the ancient city of Ephesus & Pumakkale! These were both really interestıng & good day trips. (photos on facebook) but we have defınately had our faır share of touristy things, especially ruins for a while! Everywhere you look in turkey there are more ruins (don't worry KT we know they are Greek and not Turkish)- its mindblowıng, but over it for now....
We were extra entertained at Pummakale from the number of Russian girls (all prawns) who couldn't help them selves from taking turns of holding seductive poses for their cameras in front of ancient columns and especially the big theatre. They would stand there in their bikinis, sticking their chest out and holding a serong above their heads with one hand so that it blew in the wind and the other hand on their bum! THey were not at all put off by the hundreds of tourist walking past looking or by our laughter!