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Rhianna’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Jun 2008

Location: New Zealand

ok, so we've left sunset and heading for bay of plenty...
when we first got there, i have to say, i was a little disappointed by the lack of beach but we were quickly whisked away to a coconut demonstration gien to us by lasco, the main man who basically did everything activities related!! he told us how the leaves are stripped down to make brooms for inside and the branches are used for outside sweeping (a woman's job apparently. dont worry, we put him right) and then he sliced off the top of a coconut and we all drank the juice inside, it was really nice and refreshing, very sweet! then he taught us how to shave off bits of the coconut using a pole thing. there are two ways of sitting on the pole, like a man, or like a woman. worryingly, i found the mans way far more comfortable, i think hannah may have pictures or even a video of me shaving a coconut, which i never want to see! then las put all the coconut into a gauze and squeezed all the milk from it into bowls of papaya-really sickly but nice to begin with. pretended i needed the loo so i didnt have to finish it :s

later that night, we played more of the flick game although i think the fijians were VERY keen to show us their skill, so i dont think that i got to play much, when we were partnering up!! then me and han chilled in a hammock and i dozed while han and las talked about rugby. and rugby. and rugby. and oh yeah!! rugby.

then master duncan took over and we did a short question and answer sesh about each of us in turn-and even though it felt a bit like an AA meeting (Hello my name is Rhianna and i dont like mosquitoes) it was really touching that they were even bothered! next up, we learnt fijian!! this was the best bit! yandra means good morning, bula means hello and lako tani means go away!! we used that a lot on Joe and Lasco over the next few days!

the next was VERY action packed as we got joes water taxi (!) to the blue lagoon, where they filmed the brooke shields film. its beautiful but tiny. anyway, so we're lying there on the sand, having a little snooze, when we hear these shouts. so we look up but all me can see is this old guy with his wife swimming alongside him. these shouts soon turn into coughs but his wife is pretty much ignoring him. i called out after a while to see if he was ok but he didnt reply, then after a while, me and han suddenly heard him say "je ne peux pas respirer". me and han being amazing french AS level students (yeah right) looked at each other and said-HE CANT BREATHE!! so we legged it into the water, still clothed i might add! and dragged him back to shore, although more people had come to help by this time (jumping on the bandwagon!) and he was vomiting all over the shop, it was pretty gross! we had to translate between him and the guy who was trying to help (han was particularly good at this!!) eventually i think he had to get airlifted to hospital! hopefully he's ok, he swallowed some water while snorkling, but fingers crossed!

anyway, i would love to finish off fiji but i REALLY want to get on to NZ so maybe i'll update this another time, but i had the best two weeks of my life. nuff said!!