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Rhianna’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Jun 2008

Location: Queenstown baby!, New Zealand

MapPhew! finally i'm onto New Zealand!
first night was ok, i arrived in auckland, met an irish girl who invited me down to the bar pretty much immediately and after that i was a lot more confident about meeting people! the next day i had to get a coach to the bay of islands-paihia. nearly missed it and had to hike up a hill with my ma-HUSIVE bag which was NOT a good start! when i got there, i stayed in the nearest base hostel and got chatting to a couple from USA, they were actually lovely, against all odds! and then another two guys from somewhere down south arrived. it was the first time EVER that i, as an english person, has been in the minority in a hostel room!
next day, i realised that my chanel sunglasses had gone AWOL and literally mourned all day, i was DEVESTATED! went for lots of long walks around paihia and visited the treaty ground, which was a little dull, i have to be honest-it was completely deserted and cos i was all alone, i had to do the really sad thing of putting a camera on a wall on a slef time to prove that i had been there!! funny times! and i actually sunbathed, it was that hot! unexpectedly. later i met a belgian guy who managed to cheer me up over my lost chanels!
the next day i got up early to get the coach to rotorua, got attacked by a duck who was after my bacon sandwich (it was very persistent and when i denied him a bite, he brought all his seagull mates to come and intimidate me-harsh times.) and also met an argentinian who i then bumped into again in queenstown, but thats another story. not a particularly exciting one. so that passed a good chunk of the nine hours! that night, couldnt be arsed to do anything so watched as good as it gets-jack nicholson and went to bed early! although it was just me and this old guy in the dorm room which freaked me out a bit but it was all good.
the next day, the first thing i had to do was buy some warm things!! it was so cold in rotorua and i was still in my flip flops (my converses were covered in beer and broken glass after a bottle broke in my backpack! and ive just had to throw them away cos they've gone mouldy! bad times) so i bought some furry boots and a massive stripy scarf and felt much more into the NZ spirit! went to the park and saw all the pools of boiling mud which was pretty cool! the place absolutely stank though, it was gross. tried to take some video of the mud but people kept wandering past and i was talking to myself, well to the video really but it was all a bit embarrassing so not sure how successful it was! then i went to a museum (so cultured) which was pretty interesting, i learnt how all the mud came to be there and how loads of people died in a massive volcano/earthquake years ago. it was very sad. also watched a film about it in a mini cinema, where i was the only person and all the seats started shaking and moving like in the natural history museum! it was very exciting! that night i watched zorro (you can tell that i didnt meet many people in rotorua!)
got the coach back to auckland, which is a nice city but very similar to every other city! i bought harry potter and read it by the next afternoon! saw indiana jones, which was good, but bit of a controversial ending! also bumped into matt and ruth, a couple i met on sunset waya in fiji, which was lovely. went to dinner with them although id already eaten and cos i didnt order, i nicked some of theres, second best lamb shank and the lamb chops literally melted in my mouth. it was fan-bloody-tastic. also had brandy snaps with lots of cream-random but yummy!
next day i went shopping (literally nothing else to do in auckland!!) and waited for my flight. which turned out to be cancelled. not cool at all. apparently it was the snow in christchurch! so they put us up in a really nice hotel for free! i had TWO double beds in my room! totally uneccessary-what situation could possibly demand two double beds?! but very nice. finalluy got to CC the next morning, and met david and deidra, an english lad and irish girl and chatted to them all night, we went and got pissed in the downstairs bar and ended up cracking a massive mirror in the toilets! it wasnt my fault, deidra was throwing wet tissues at me (dont ask why, i have NO idea!) the next morning, fighting my hangover (!) i persuaded the others to go bone carving with me-it was maga cool, i loved it! have made a beautiful necklace! also bumped into cavey and seb-the beachcomber boys!! exciting stuff! not really actually, chatted to them for a bit then went upstairs to do some washing! also met two lovely irish girls, who were SO good to gossip with, you have no idea how much ive missed doing that!

ok, its midnight so i'll stop but will finish NZ soon i promise! lots of love as always! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx