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Simon’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Mar 2008

Location: Soquel, California, USA

MapWal took us on a trip to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park just north of Santa Cruz, and I have rarely been more in awe of nature.

Redwoods can grow up to 300 feet and, as the name suggests, there are 'one or two' here. They can survive lighting strikes without lasting damage, and the shapes into which some of the trees had grown genuinely beggars belief.

The park runs a really cool steam train and so, for 90 minutes, we chuffed into the heart of the forest. Words don't do the scale of the trees justice, but suffice to say we all had cricks in our necks when we came down.

We had a running commentary from one of the guides in a suitably whistling 'sshay sshonny' frontier accent and, if anyone is searching for a unique wedding venue, Cathedral Grove here would beat 'em all!

Think forest moon of Endor. It's from Star Wars Return of the Jedi (mum...!), which should give you and idea of what the park is like - robots notwithstanding.

I also had my first 'Hot Frank' of the trip. Not a type of exclusive service (leave it...), but a whopping hot dog, smothered in American yellow mustard. It cost about $2 and I could have eaten seven (I had one...).