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Simon’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 29 Mar 2008

Location: Pismo Beach, California, USA

MapSpent an afternoon and night at Pismo Beach, a lovely little beachside town. It's right on the PCH and has a huge pier flanked by acres of sand and dunes that are used by buggies and other x-treme sport mentalists.

I spent a very relaxing hour or so pottering up and down the beach, and found a rather expensive motel (well, it's Spring Break at the moment...) to rest my weary head.

Grabbed a MASSIVE chicken ceaser salad for dinner and was praised by the waiter for finishing it ("Good job!"). They served Stella, so it was alright...! Hic.

Spent the following early morning chasing pigeons away from outside my window (just like home!) before a blueberry muffin 'n coffee breakfast and another leisurely beach stroll.

After some to-ing and fro-ing, I filled the Golden Monkey (my dogged Chevy hire car) with 'regular unleaded' and hit the road to Santa Barbara.

A quick word on driving. It's much easier than I had anticipated, with clear signs and the lower speed limit making navigation a doddle. I'll never want a manual transmission car again: automatic rules!

Oh, and the radio! On leaving Santa Cruz, I found the Classic Rock 104.3 radio station and, in this order (and remember this was my first time driving alone in the US), they played tracks from Hendrix, Guns 'N Roses, Def Leppard and Queen. Just as I was thinking that only Van Halen was missing from the canon, along came Jump, so I turned it up and accelerated all the way up to 65 mph, feeling, at last, that I've made the right decision to do all this.