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Simon’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Mar 2008

Location: Santa Barbara, California, USA

MapTook an extended stroll around SB. I was last here over ten years ago and it's as quaint and expensive as I remember. I found a parking spot on a residential street (Bath Street, no less!) and ambled up and down the main drag State Street, window shopping.

Made it to the pier and then walked back up the other side of the street to the Golden Monkey. Good fun and I intend to explore further this weekend, if only to visit Fatburger (seriously!) and the Kings Cross English pub, which has a presumably ironic sign outside that says 'No Wankers'. I wonder if they know exactly what that means!

The weather is really starting to heat up (it's 70 and clear blue skies today) and Anja especially will be happy to know that I already sport my regimental holiday red nose! Woohoo!

She's leaving 'that Namibial' today, no doubt very sad to bring to an end yet another successful trip, and to leave various fauna (cheetah and Anatolian Shepherd dogs this time!) and new friends behind. As is always the case, she refuses to let grass grow under her feet as far as cramming as much travel into as short a time as possible goes, and I'll be picking her up from San Francisco airport in just over a month.