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Simon’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Apr 2008

Location: Santa Barbara, California, USA

MapWhat's baseball all about, eh? 'Rounders in Crash Hats' is just about right, although don't say that to an American.

The season has just started here, so it's all over the TV and makes a somewhat confusing change from interminable adverts and Britney exposés whilst channel-flicking.

It's worth persevering with the minefield of crap that is US telly as I came across a channel called TBS, that has vintage episodes of My Name is Earl, Sex in the City (cleaned up, sadly), Raymond and, best of all, Family Guy.

Stewie Griffin is funnier in the US: “I have escaped your gynecological Gulag/amniotic Attica/uterine Junta!” etc.

It also features what it calls ‘the biggest cable show ever’, a sitcom called Tyler Perry's House of Payne, which features a dysfunctional (and, I have to say, ultra-chubby) African-American family: I laughed louder at Schindler's List...