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Simon’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Apr 2008

Location: Carpinteria, California, USA

MapWell, the esteemed Senor Beach is spot on: Carpinteria State Beach is lovely. I spent most of Saturday either sat on or walking up and down the gently sloping sands, enjoying the juxtaposition of brown pelicans bobbing and diving in the foreground with the humungous oil rigs that dot the horizon in this part of the world.

The Pacific is very cold this time of year (rather spectacularly the reason is snowmelt from Alaska!) and although the weather was foggy (again, symptomatic of the beginning of April) it was warm and consequentially very nice indeed.

In the evening I had dinner with my good pal Evan, who works for Seymour Duncan pickups in Santa Barbara, and his good lady at their place in Goleta. They have a very nice home with guitars all over the place and we had ‘very fun’ talking conkers, quoting Spinal Tap, and toasting the Queen with tequila shots…

“Taxi, the Copacabana!”