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Simon’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Apr 2008

Location: Blummin' Hwy 101, California, USA

MapAnother day, another sesh at Carpinteria. The weather wasn’t quite so warm today, so it got pretty chilly as the fog thickened. This weekend I’ll be driving up the coast rather than down on Beach Quest 2008: hopefully the weather will be more predicable the further away from LA I get…

Of course, once I’d decided to come back to Goleta mid afternoon, I got stuck in a jam on Hwy 101 for about 20 minutes and – taah daah! – the sun came out. By the time I got past it there wasn’t much time to do much else so went to Trader Joe’s (a trendy supermarket) for supplies and spotted legendary drummer Tommy Aldridge perusing the selections of apples! He didn’t recognise me.

Ah yes, LOTR (see a message from t’wife over to the right somewhere). I got back an hour or so into the final installment and really enjoyed seeing it (yet) again, and with limited adverts too (every 15 minutes rather than 15 seconds, in other words)!

I’m sorry to report that Aragorn's still uglier than a top hat on a turd, but there you go.