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Simon’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Apr 2008

Location: Goleta. California, USA

MapI got woken up by the guy in the next room’s alarm blaring at 5.50am. I’ve seen a number of my fellow guests at the hotel and they’re either businessmen or rather shady looking characters (like extras from CSI), so I decided that kicking his door and bellowing might not have been the best career move. "Bite me, gringo..."

Couldn’t get back to sleep (he had it on snooze, so it kept going off) so I found, of all things, Blair Witch Project on the goggle box. What a strange film to have on at that time of day, especially as every other word is a naughty sweary one (“What da fug was that green floaty thing?” "I didn't take your fugging map!" "Eek! A pile of fugging rocks!" etc.) yet you can seemingly get done for indecent exposure here by simply blowing your nose in public and looking at it. Yet another contradiction…!

An early start then, so a-beaching I will go (strange to write one of these in the future rather than the past tense…).

Hope I have a nice day…!

[Edit - I did! I was invited to Seymour Duncan's Spring Event BBQ, and scoffed 'boigers' and 'hort dawgs' in the sun whilst various luminaries got up and strummed acoustical guitars! Again, a proper company!]