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Simon’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Apr 2008

Location: USA

MapI finally got a wholly uninterrupted night’s kip last night. It seems that Mr. (Señor?) Loudbaum next door has checked out and all was quiet: no loud conversations with various ‘associates’, no misdialed telephone alarms, and no bloody Bruce Willis! Even the air con vents that rumble away like barely-suppressed jet engines outside my window all night were silent. The same can’t be said for what sounds like a herd of horses corralled in the room above mine (it’s more likely to be a family with small children clattering about), but I do feel much better today after eight consistent hours of zeds. I even beat the alarm too!

A quick word to the wise about sour dough bread: it’s foul. I get that the answer’s in the description, but it does taste as acrid as I now realise I should have understood from the outset: how anyone can palate stuff that tastes like Nimble dipped in vinegar is beyond me. I bought a sliced loaf of the unspeakable stuff to make sarnies from and have had to chuck the whole thing away. I’ll have to revisit the bakery counter at Vons supermarket and try to ignore the temptation of the seemingly inexhaustible acres of donuts they also sell. Blue icing? With sprinkles? In my mouth?

I’ve just celebrated by frequenting Woody’s BBQ Restaurant and gobbling a cheeseburger and fries while reading a local (and free) property magazine and wondering how I’d ever be able to fork out the $1,000,000 or so most properties seem to cost.

Whilst at the restaurant I made the mistake of grabbing a root beer, a noxious liquid that mixes a cloying cherry-meets-aniseed tang with a treacle-like viscosity designed to force you to eat more onion rings simply to take the taste away. Fortunately I’d gone for the ‘never-ending’ soda option, so swilled my mouth out with the slightly more palatable Diet Pepsi (from concentrate, of course).

There was a report on the news that research has shown that there’s a 97% chance of an earthquake of a 6.7 magnitude hitting Southern California in the next 30 years. The last major 'quake, 1989's Loma Prieta earthquake, was rated at 7.1 and destroyed areas of San Fransisco. As long as it’s not in the next few months (actually, maybe never...) it should be fine, but a sobering thought nonetheless.

Maybe they could block up the San Andreas Fault with sour dough…?