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Simon’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Apr 2008

Location: USA

MapWell, my hotel room is being assaulted from all sides! The loud bloke next door has been replaced by a family with joy of joys a baby! Does it cry every few hours throughout the night? Yes, it does. (I'm sure the parents amongst you will be nodding sagely...!)

The room above seems to be hosting some sort of all-night Sumo contest if the horrendous crashes and thumps are anything to go by, and even though the room on the other side from the blubbering brat is empty, the previous incumbent has neglected to cancel his alarm, which went off at 6.30am this morning. For 20 minutes.

I think Ill suggest to the management that, next time, they construct an establishment with walls that are slightly thicker than an angel's breath...

And its cloudy and cool today too!