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Simon’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 May 2008

Location: Yosemite, California, USA

MapSad as we were to leave San Fran, which had exceeded our expectations and remains the loveliest city in ĎThat Amercialí, we had an arguably even greater treat in store: we were to tackle the mere four hour drive to Yosemite National Park.

In descriptions taken from the myriad guidebooks available on the area, such words as hyperbole are banded about. Iím not sure what that means but, as we approached even the foothills where our lodge was situated, we began to understand why those travel writers had been forced to reach for the thesaurus. The glacial peaks, majestic in their hewn features and insolent indifference, certainly did laugh down at our ignoble heads with the might of centuries...koff.

As it was only early afternoon, we dropped our bags off, splashed a drop of water about our persons and drove the 20 or so miles up to the park entrance. On the way there we had stopped to gaze in wonder at a river, swollen by snowmelt, came rushing down a valley strewn with rocks the size of the Golden Monkey and larger! The water didnít so much as chuckle down the passage as roar with suppressed anger and we were speechless, a rare occurrence!

The park was busy and, as we had been given a good map by the extremely nice ranger on the park gate, we chose to follow his recommendation and drive to Bridalveil Falls. Even as we approached the car park, we could see the falls, beginning many hundreds of feet up a sheer rock face and turning to vapour as it fell and, as we walked up the path we become, of course, moistened by spray in short order.

As we drove back to the motel, the views were indescribable (and remember I try and describe sounds and how bits of wood feel in comparison to other bits for a living!): simply staggering.

We managed to stay awake during an acceptable meal at the local restaurant, before crashing out.