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Simon’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Location: Yosemite, Calfiornia, USA

MapAs today was a travel day (as they say in touring parlance), we placated ourselves with a lovely yomp through the woods to El Capitan bridge, which lies beneath one of the biggest peaks in the park.

We stood on the bridge with the rock towering over us and the deep river swirling under us, and we overheard a climbing spotter pointing out a number of tiny figures suspended on the rock face. With a pair of powerful binoculars (t’wife’s African ones…) in hand we managed to spy them, just dangling there and, as I have a similar head for heights as does a mole, I was amazed that anyone would find doing such a thing in any way ‘fun’…t’wife, of course, thought it was great! I wonder if they’ve got down yet?

We trudged back to the car, which we’d already packed up, and settled down for the three hour drive overland to Santa Cruz, where we’ll be staying at Wal and Jayne’s house while they’re in their native South Africa.

If you've ever fancied Yosemite, just come and see it. It makes the wonderful Scottish Highlands resemble mere hillocks!