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Simon’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Location: Yosemite, California, USA

MapUp with the lark (or rather, an acorn woodpecker setting about a telegraph pole!) we grabbed some coffee and blueberry muffins, plus fruit from t’wife’s seemingly endless supply, and got going back to the park.

The weather was clear and bright, though not overly warm, and we’d decided to get to Glacier Point which promised ‘unrivalled views of the magnificent vista that is Yosemite’. As we drove up a winding road (I think we went up over 6000 feet…), and continually cajoled the Golden Monkey to outdo its meager engine just one more time, we were amazed to see snow on the ground, and lots of it.

As we arrived at the car park, the hoards of tourists and loud Americans were already noising up the place, but we had no complaints about the aforementioned views. The entire west side of Yosemite lay before us, so we found a rock and just sat in awe: again!

We tried to follow a trail path but, as we tramped through snow and bog without any real indication of where we were going, we decided that discretion was the better part of valour and made our way back to the car. I’d remembered about the Blair Witch Project…!

We’d hoped to get to Yosemite Village for some lunch but, as the queue of coaches and cars seemed never-ending, went back to the hotel instead, were we guiltlessly scarfed a couple of burgers. Yum etc!

In the afternoon we attempted (well, I attempted while t’wife did her usual impression of a mountain goat) to reach Yosemite falls by way of a well-trodden but steep path that, at its end, will have risen over 3000 feet. I lasted just 30 minutes before my lungs and legs gave out and, with mosquitoes buzzing around our heads, we skidded back down to the valley floor.

We had a nice evening writing postcards, drinking beer and having some dinner before, again, crashing most spectacularly…out!