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Simon’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Location: San Diego, California, USA

MapA trip especially with t’wife in mind: a jaunt to San Diego Zoo. I managed to miss the exit off the freeway and subsequently got rather confused in a fiendish one-way system before getting back on the motorway to try again.

The Zoo occupies many acres in the centre of the city and was busy busy busy when I got there around 11am. I’m all for spreading the joys of nature to the younger generation, but my enjoyment was tempered somewhat by the myriad omnipresent gaggles of screeching kids. Still, as least they were getting into it! “Cody! CODY! A gorilla!! A GORILLA!!!” It’s the gorilla enclosure, dill hole. He he!

It’s a huge place – there are even moving staircases in case the thought of walking up a gentle hill to see Polar Bear Plunge™ is too much for the nacho-munching masses: in case you were worried, I made it up the short slope... Still, the polar bears were great fun (I’ll pop a picture up in a bit), and the pandas, for which the zoo is most famous, were quite something.

I did feel that some of the cages were overly small (the jaguar was not impressed, I can tell you!) but I did have a nice time just pottering in the warm sunshine.

Once I'd driven back late afternoon, I went for a customary stroll along Carlsbad beach, and was approached by a rather large surfer who asked me to zip him up in his wetsuit. “I’m getting too fat for this. Hey, are you from Australia?”

Pulled! Oh, hang on...