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Simon’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Location: San Diego, California, USA

MapPart two of my Animal Adventure was to visit San Diego Wildlife Park, an area north of the city that – in theory at least – had been designed to resemble the East African plains. In other words, the main vegetarian mammals you’d associate with that part of the world are let loose together in one giant open-air grassy field and, natch, you have to pay extra to go on the back of a bus to get close.

Having seen the real thing up close, I deferred to more excitable seventh graders, no doubt on a huge sugar high, who screeched with joy as a white rhino vacated its substantial bowels, as they tend to do when they know they have an audience. Let’s face it; such a spectacle is never not funny (right, Al...?), but I did think that ‘Cody’ et al would literally laugh themselves to death! The Joy of Poop!

With everything so far away, it all got a bit boring after a while, so I drove back to Carlsbad and spent the afternoon on the beach.