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Simon’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 May 2008

Location: Carmel, California, USA

MapThe drive from SB back up Hwy-1 took the best part five hours and although it is always a much easier trip than battling a similar distance in England would be, itís a long time to drive!

Iíve been a good boy as far as boozing this trip goes (honest!), but I did get one on me today. I plugged my new PSP in and settled down with a drip full of Heineken, which I enjoyed immensely. I sallied forth (Monty Python quote!) to the local (and very nice) BBQ restaurant and had a lovely pork chop (with loads of veg, natch!). I was also happy to discover that there was a micro-brewery on-site and, after having struck up a conversation with a young couple who had two small kids in tow, I ordered what the dad was drinking: a huge Stein full of the local brew.

I have to concede that, without my drinking trousers on, it was almost too much, but it was a lovely brew! I sort of floated back across the street to the hotel and crashed out. Iím sure walls trembled as I kicked and snored the night away, but thatís life!