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Simon’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Location: Big Sur, California, USA

MapOne of the many things we hadn’t got around to when t’wife came over was to drive to Big Sur, so I spent most of today south of Carmel on PCH doing just that. It is yet another spectacular area that resembles the North Cornwall coast we love so much, albeit with a number of sea otters floating in the kelp.

Again, I was stymied to a certain extent as the road hugs the coastline very closely and, with a 100 ft drop to the ocean on one side, gawping though the windscreen and taking your eyes off the road is unlikely to lead to a long life! A couple of plonkers (one in a Beamer, the other in a Corvette) were obviously racing each other in a Fast ‘N Furious fashion and, as I turned off to let them go, they screamed past me at well over 100mph. Kids!

Still, there were more than enough pull-off areas where you could park up, and simply look and be amazed, which I did. Sadly, the weather closed in and, after a couple of hours, I decided that making the reverse drive with mist tumbling down the hillsides was possibly more trouble that it’s worth, so I turned around and headed back.

I did find the world’s worst radio station (and the only one that worked too, which was a little unnerving) and its playlist seemed to be unswervingly taken from the worst music imaginable: terrible country with awful lyrics (even worse than what is supposedly good country!) and a litany of caterwauling ‘singer/songwriters’. I never thought I’d be grateful when the vacuous local station crackled back into life as I approached Carmel. “And here’s Leona Lewis! Again!” .