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Chris’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 May 2005

Location: Antibes, France

MapOn the job front I went to La Ciotat, between Marseille and Toulon, on Tuesday for an interview/ trial with Cambria, a big racing sail boat. It was built in 1928 and was one of the original America's Cup yachts, competing throughout the 1930s. My job would be as deckhand and steward, looking after the drinks and food service as well as basic cleaning. Also I'd be on deck actually helping to sail the boat - a new experience for me that's for sure. I find out if I have it today (Fri).

Been staying in a cool apartment with some good flatties - mostly Aussies, but also a pom and now a kiwi. Couple of weekends ago it was a funny (Sunday) night out - we were rockin to AC/DC in the bar where we were drinking. I'll post photos soon -don't have camera on me.

Finished Anthony Kiedis' autobiography: he's searingly honest about his 'indiscretions' and the terrible way he's treated people around him, least of all himself. A messed up bloke, no doubt. Though, seemingly, coming to grips with it nowadays. Cool to find out about the names/ lyrics in some of the songs. Under the Bridge is all about being lonely and having Los Angeles as the only friend in his life as well as about scoring heroin 'under the bridge, where I drew some blood'. In 'Give it Away' he sings something like: "Now there is good man called river, he'll make you shiver, come on everybody time to deliver.... Give it away, give it away, give it away, give it away now." This refers to River Phoenix, who OD'd outside the Viper Room (club in LA), and was one of Anthony's and Flea's good friends.
Now reading The Da Vinci Code. Something of a change in style you might say! Bit formulaic in style, though very readable and it rolls along at a good pace. At times Dan Brown tends to show off his knowledge and research by throwing in an aside about, for example, "how modern card players would react if they knew that the four suits related to the Tarot card game, with its roots in pagan goddess worship"!!! Spare me.

Been keeping tabs on the news at home. Go the Waratahs! Top of the Super 12 table! The final is being telecast in a pub here - at god knows what hour of the day or night - but if I'm free I'm going to try and get to it. So it looks as if Schapelle Corby will be staying behind those Bali bars. Gotta feel for the girl - I can only imagine how I'd be if something like that happened to me. And it serves as a reminder that as a visitor to a country one is subject to that country's laws. There're a few Anglos in Antibes who think they're still at home, carrying on like idiots. And here's me thinking that travel was sposed to open the mind and bring an acceptance of other cultures and people!

Not much planned for weekend - quiet one in fact. Hope you enjoy your weekend, wherever you're reading this.
Au revoir. A la prochaine.