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Chris’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Aug 2005

Location: Cannes, France

MapAgain it's been a while - so much for making this journal a once-a -fortnight thing! And our special overseas envoy and man on the ground, Tiny, hasn't been heard from for a while. No doubt he's down on Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes sipping champagne, clubbing with hot young things and getting about in a red Ferrari. Red Ferraris (as well as yellow, white, and black too) are dime a dozen in Cannes alongwith big Bentleys, massive Mercs, poncey Porsches, and that good old French favourite, the Citroen 2CV.

So I'm off out of Cannes on the yacht tomorrow, heading for Sicily to collect the owner and his family for their annual summer holiday. Should be interesting. Hard work I expect but fun all the same. Looks like we'll even do a crew cruise on the return journey. That is, we'll take our time to get back to Cannes from Sicily stopping at bays or ports in (hopefully) Sardinia or Corsica. We'll make it up as we go... though I've no idea at all where it would be good to sail to! Though I've heard that Isla de la Gomera in the Canary Islands is pretty good this time of year. Hola Lozza, GG, Clarice. Como estas, chicas?!

I've been doing a bit of jogging/walking of a morning checking out Cannes and hoping to gain some fitness. When gourmet lunches and dinners are prepared for you it's kinda hard to resist not trying everything! And here's me thinking when I left Australia that when you travel you're supposed to lose weight! Ha - no fear of that, for the moment at least. When I actually go travelling again it'll be a different story.

Speaking of which I've almost finalised the purchase of one one-way ticket on the TransMongolian Express from Moscow to Ulan Baatar (capital of Mongolia)! Once the yacht season finishes in the Mediterranean in October I'll help deliver Cambria back to La Ciotat so she can finally have her new mast fitted and then leave the boat, my 'contract' finished. Planning to fly out of Marseille to Moscow, spend the weekend checking out Moscow, then take the train - non-stop for 4 days, 5 hours, 3 minutes - across Russia and into Mongolia. There I'll get to see Jojo for the first time since departing Australia in April - cannot wait for that!
So it should be great - more adventure awaits. I'll return to Europe for more travel - Spain, Portugal - depending on funds and more work - France - depending on funds. Which of the two comes first I'll work out during the return flight!

So I'll be back on planetranger in early September to regale you with tales of life on the high seas. Drop me a line in the meantime to update me with your news. Hope you're well.