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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Mar 2008

Location: Incheon Airport, Korea (South)

MapHi Everyone!
Well here I am, still unable to believe it! I'm so excited that I get to check off another country that I've visited!
The flight from Brisbane was great, after the very emotional farewell.....I don't ever want to go through that again!
I am so lucky to have such an amazing loving family, it helps when you're donig something as big as this!
As I was walking through Korea Airport, a girl came up to me and said 'I couldn't help over hearing that you were lost, I'm lost to can we be lost together?!' 마거도도ㅓ베3&
Sorry, I accidentally hit the wrong language button! No I didn't learn fluent korean overnight!
So...this girl comes up to me blah blah blah..and well the rest is history! We hit it off, found our way to the hotel by coach (a 1 hour drive) to downtown Saoul at Saoul Royal Hotel. It was beautiful. We checked in, had a free dinner in the restaurant then went exploring through the hussle and bussle of markets and cute litte shops and cafe's. Of course this had to include a relaxing stop at Krispy Kreme for a 'free' donut and a yummy coffee! Then I crashed...after a little cry! I'm feeling great today. We had our free breakfast this morning then went out walking again. I'm sitting at our departure gate now trying not to think about the 12 and a half hr flight ahead to HEATHROW!! I LOVE THE UK! I might not be as keen once I've experienced the wind and rain! So I will sign off for now. Thanks for all your well wishes and support. WIll write again soon,
Love from the World traveller!
Kim xxxxx