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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Apr 2008

Location: Southampton, England


Wow...i had forgotten just how horrible flying was! Fortunately it was a smooth flight, the hostesses were lovely I had a spare seat next to me which was to put my feet up! Too bad if the guy one over from me wanted to do that hey?

It was a great feeing to march through the UK passport line and wave good-bye to all those poor people in the foreign line! I got a bit lost finding my way through Heathrow airport. After saying goodbye to my travel buddy virginia I eventually found the coach station, waited an hour and hopped on the caoch headed for Southampton. I nodded off a few times, I was absolutely exhausted when I arrived. Paul was there to pick me up and I have never been so pleased to see a familiar face!

So then it was time for a cuppa and a catch up before falling into bed. It is so hard to believe that I have woken up this morning in England! Time for me to catch up on e-mails etc, have some hula hoops and a Mcvities soon (that's for you dawn!) then relax and get an early night I think.

Until next time, miss you all, take care
Love Kim xxxxx