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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Apr 2008

Location: Southampton, England

MapWell it's been a few days since I've left an entry so here's another one! I hope it's interesting reading for you all!

I have had a great first few days here in my new home town! Tuesday as I said was just a relaxing day trying to shake off the jetlag. Wednesday we spent a nice day in enjoying Pauls 60th birthday (my Dad's cousin who I'm staying with). I met more of the family who are all lovely and have made me feel so welcome.
That afternoon we went into Southampton Town to check out the shops! I was hanging out to hit the shops! Mark and Leesa introduced me (and I kinda wish they hadn't) to Millie's cookies...the equivelant of our Mrs Fields! I just love all the different kinds of shops they have here, there is so much to look at.
Then it was back home to change to go out for Pauls birthday dinner at a quaint little greek restaurant where I met more of the family, and had a great night.
Today Maureen and I went back into town and had a proper look around. Lunch out on the deck overlooking the harbour, and got stopped by a security guard and warned about taking photo's in the centre for terrorist reasons! (Like I look like a terrorist!) So i'll take some on the sneak next time for all you girls to see what the shops look like!

Tomorrow I move into my "temporary home" in Bitterne Manor. Then I can really start to get settled and into a routine. I'm over living out of a suitcase! So wish me luck and next time I write it will be from there so I can tell you all about it. Hope life is good over there, oh did I mention the weather is beautiful? They all think I've brought the sun over with me! Let's hope it lasts!

"I Miss you like crazy, I miss you like crazy"!....
Love me