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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Apr 2008

Location: UK

MapI'm sorry it's taken me a few days to sit down and write a diary entry, the last few days have been quite overwhelming with settling into my new home and trying to make it my own.

Friday was 'D' day! I came over to the house about 1pm, was shown around and given my keys, then reality sunk in....what had I done? Where was I? Thankfully my wonderful cousins were with me to reassure me everything was fine and then I was whisked off to Portsmouth to a huge shopping outlet called Gunwharf. It was huge and in such a lovely spot right on the water surrounded by cafe's, restaurants and bars and the Spinnaker tower, which you can go up but we had more important things to shopping!

Then it was back to my cousins for dinner and off to my new house for the first night! Mark and Leesa dropped me there, but their car wouldn't start so here we are at 10 30 at night pushing Leesa's little Merc up my little street!

The next day we set off for Gosport. Another little town on the water opposite Portsmouth for some more shopping (this time, markets)! I just love the cute little pubs all over the place, nothing like ours back home.

Sunday morning I woke up to snow! Yes! It was the first time I'd ever seen it! Then within a couple of hours it had melted but I managed to get a few shots to prove I had actually seen it!

Then I layered and layered myself with clothes and set off for my first walk into Town. It only took about half an hour and I was surprised to find I still had a nose when I arrive! I think I'll take to wearing a balaklava! Had a look 'round the shops (quite busy for a Sunday), then it was back to my cousins for Dinner and a really enjoyable evening of getting to know each other.

Today we're going to Fareham for guessed it, SHOPPING!
I'll be sure to keep notes and write again soon. I hope all is well back there. All my love and anytime anyone wants to come and visit that is fine by me!

Missing you still, Kim xx