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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Apr 2008

Location: Southampton, my house!, England

MapHi everyone!

Well here I am again! It's been nearly a week since I have taken the time to sit and write an entry...I do apologise to all of you who are eagerly awaiting some interesting news or information from me! I'll try to make it sound good!

Where did i finish last time? I think I had been to portsmouth and Fareham? Well on tuesday I hopped on the bus for the first time! (only about 50metres from my house!), paid the driver £1.20 to go into town. Took a lovely stroll down to HSBC to open a bank account, it was a bit of a process but I got there at last!

Then I caught a bus to a suburb called Shirley, another typical english street packed with shops. I met up with Leesa and Joseph and enjoyed a lovely evening with them.

Wednesday was the day for sight seeing in Southampton. We started at 'The Walls', an historic walk past walls that still exist from hundreds of years ago, the rest were destroyed by bombing in the war. Then we made our way to town quay and to the Maritime museum and the titanic museam (very eery but really interesting!) We then caught the ferry across to Hythe which is a cute little town, cobbled streets etc, and took a ride on the worlds oldest pier train back to the ferry. What a day, I was 'shattered'! I'm starting to use the lingo now!

Thursday, Paul, Maureen and I went to a place not far from here called Eastleigh for some more markets and shopping! Friday I made my way up to town again to do the job hunting thing! Then sat I got a call for an interview for the Body Shop in the West Quay shooping centre (where I wanted to work!) on Monday so wish me luck! I'm looking forward to starting work and having some income!

Well I hope that was a good read! It's good for me 'cause it's easy to forget what I've done if i don't journal it.

I will put some pictures up soon, the London Marathon is on today, was hoping to get there for it but some pics off the tv will have to suffice!

Missing you all, thanks for your thoughts and take care,
Love Kim xxxxx