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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Apr 2008

Location: UK

MapHello from Wales! Ok...not actually from Wales but I have only just come back from a weekend away there and thought you might like to know about it!

It all started when......I picked up the car form Enterprise(just around the corner from my house!) about 1pm on friday the 18th and set off with my handy dandy map (thanks to my cousin Paul, I literally would've been lost without it!) and arrived at my Auntie Joan's house about 4 30pm, so not bad going for a first timer!

We enjoyed a few hours of catch up, followed by ham and chips for tea! Then we ventured up to 'the fountain', their local pub and hang-out joint, where I met up with my cousin Gary and a few of the others that I had met last year.

Then it was back to the house for a late supper (9 30pm!) of tea and cheese on toast.

The next day we went grocery shopping at Asda, my other cousin Janet came over for lunch, then it was back up the fountain for the afternoon followed by an evening of tv entertainment followed by another late supper of Gary's famous curry over chips and rice! The weather had been overcast and rainy all day so it was nice to wake up to a beautiful sunny day on SUNday!

Auntie Joan, John, Gary and I went to the Red Lion for lunch (I had stuffed roast chicken breast and veg.) I know I'm telling you about food all the time but surprisingly this does interest a few people! and all it is over there is eat, eat, eat!

Then we relaxed all afternoon and paid another visit to the fountain to enjoy a drink, make some more friends! and say good bye until next time! SO here I am, back in Southamton, it only took me 3 hours to get home today, and I had a bargain car rental, £35 approx $75 for three days in a brand new Fiat Punto! I was in my element, it made me realise how much I miss having a car and driving!

I start my job at the Body Shop this coming Wednesday so I will have something interesting to write about then.

I hope all is well down under, it still hasn't hit me that I am around the other side of the world, but day by day it is getting easier and I am proud of myself for taking such a risk. I know I won't regret it.
Missing you all
Love me x