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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Apr 2008

Location: Portsmouth, England

MapWhat a lovely day I've had today! Apart from cleaning the house this morning! Paul, Maureen and I took a trip to Portsmouth for the afternoon. It is such a pretty place. We took a stroll along the front and ended at the fairground. It was packed with people enjoying a sunny afternoon and even swimming!

Then it was time to do a spot of grocery shopping in a huge Tesco Extra (I could spend hours in the supermarkets over here)

We stopped for dinner on the way home at a pub called 'The hungry horse', where we enjoyed fish n chips and a nice pint of lager! ok not lager but a very refreshing pint of my dear old friend Coca-cola!

Then my housemates and I enjoyed a night of listening to our very exciting new music video channel! We could not tear ourselves away from the box - so many good songs!

Short entry this time! Be back soon xxx