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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jun 2008

Location: UK

MapHello All!

I hope the wintery, rainy weather is not getting you down too much over there or should I say...down there!! How lucky am I to be in England enjoying a lovely warm summer?! I could get used to this, summer here, summer down there!! I'd never have to experience a winter ever again! HA! I wish jelly fish!

it's beautiful here today, 23degrees, blue skies, birds chirping, all I need now is a sun lounge, a cocktail and a handsome waiter at my beck and call!

Today Paul, Maureen and I have been to Eastleigh and as always I went a little bit crazy in the 99p shop! OMG girls you would love it in there (it's just like our crazy clark's but 10 times better, heaps of proper label stuff). The best part of today was when Maureen and I broke into a fit of the giggles in the car on the way home! Poor Paul, he really is so patient! Silly girls!

Life for me has definitely fallen into place. I still pinch myself that I am living in the Uk and people are amazed when I tell them that I have only lived here for....can you believe it? 9 WEEKS! I mostly get the response "are you crazy?..why would you leave Australia to come and live over here?"! Then sometimes I get "good on you love, why not hey, life is too short"! I have to remind myself.."hey, London is just up the road, don't forget about Paris" and cadbury chocolate buttons keep calling out to me saying "hey Kim...don't forget how yummy we are, you won't be able to buy and enjoy us forever!!"

Work is going really well..apart from the tragic pay! I am getting on really well with everyone and making some great friends. We are planning a great night out at a restaurant called Margharita's for my birthday for a spot of food and dancing! So that should be a great night. Last Sunday a group of 8 of us from work went to an exclusive "Sex and the City" movie screening night. We were greeted on the red carpet with a cosmopolitan cocktail and canapes (ridiculously small mind you, so I ordered a tuna sandwich to fill the gap!..crisps on the side, what a nice touch!) Then we enjoyed the movie and got a Dior goodies bag..which I called a 'baddies' bag as it wasn't much chop! and a voucher for a free makeover worth £35! All in all a good night and a chance to get to know each other better.

Well I'll sign off now. Miss everyone everday in everyway but hey I'm here to do what I gotta do and loving every minute!

You'll hear from me again soon, thanks to Paul and Maureen for giving me a little push up the stairs to actually sit and type these entries!

Lots of love
Kim xx