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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Sep 2008

Location: Torremolinos, Spain

MapOla! from Sunny Spain!

What a beautiful country..sorry this will be a quick 1 as I´m low on euros!
We arrived late fri nite, fell into bed then Sat spent the day shopping San Miegel. It is so hot here, clear blue skies every day, long balmy nights......oooh are you jealous?!!
The hotel is lovely-huge! 6 swimming pools, lots to see and do. Beautful buffet breakfasts and dinners then entertainment under the stars every night.
Tomorrow we are catching a train to the markets about 30 mins away so looking forward to that.
Then we will probably spend a lazy afternoon by the poool catching some rays...a welcome change from the awful English weather!
When I get back I will be putting photos on here for you to see and to dream that it was you! HA!
So Adios Amigos and take care,
love Kim xxx