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Springboks’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Mar 2008

Location: Hampton Park, Australia

MapAlrighty then,
Three more sleeps & we grow wings to fly off into the sunset!!
We've had our jab's to keep us healthy (hopefully ;-/)
We will be staying with friends for the couple of days, hoping to see my kids as often as possible.
We will be seeing Marion for her birthday then head up to see my family in Middleborough on the Monday. On our way back down stopping in the see a mate & his family before going back to Southampton.
We will keep everyone up dated as often as we can so don't stress to much. We will be trying to organise a mobile phone so anyone can contact us if they do not want to leave a message.
So, catch all the fam & friends in the UK soon and the Ozzie mates can hopefully catch the updates as we up load em
Until then party on
love Sean & Deb's