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Springboks’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Apr 2008

Location: Whitby, UK

MapGday all

We went to Whitby today and saw Capt James Cook place of residence while learning to be a sailor i suppose. It is a beautiful town but the Northern accents get to me as i just want growl back at them hahahahaha. We went up to the Whitby abbey as well which was a beautiful church that was ruined by the Normans , The germans and probably the rest of the world yes including the poms. All i can say is that i wish they could build architecture like that again as it an art in it self... and yes ppl more rain. Send some to OZ please. Went aboard The Grand Turk a trading vessel so pics will follow as soon as we get the time. Damn jpegs are to big for the program so have to try and cut them down to size... Any ideas much appreciated...... Till tomorrow

Hope ya having a grand time


Sean and Debs