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Springboks’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Apr 2008

Location: York, UK

MapHey Ppl

The sun is out must be a good sign of things to come lol...We went to the grand ole town of York today and saw the York Dungeons where the famous Dick Turpin Spent his last few days. Pics to follow. We did a tour and saw a dramitisation which was an absolut larf. Felt sorry for ppl living in those times. Went to the castles as well and again the Jews were persecuted. Those poor blokes dont get a chance in life do they? For all those who wnt to come over for a holiday York is a town to visit for the food , The ppl and of course the history. In the end having a great time so will contact soon.

Off to Milton Keynes tomorrow to see one of Debs Mates so woohoo. Talk then

Sean and Debs