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Springboks’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Apr 2008

Location: Windsor, UK

Map Today was the d-day for taking the kids to Legoland.

We started the trip @ 9:15 & arrived @ 10:45, the kids were pretty good in the car, then again a threat of going back home without going to Legoland might have something to with it ;-)

We took Sam (Liz son) with us as it is the school holidays here & he was at a loose end, so another child made no difference. Nick happened to give us 2 for 1 vouchers so we only paid for one adult & 2 kidís, £84 later & we were in.

It was a pretty cold day but good just the same, the kids were on their near best behaviour with only loosing Daniel at the end of the day. Sean found him at the security office in the warmth & playing with Lego whilst we were all freezing our butts off looking for him.

Sean was pretty stressed part of the day but enjoyed himself the rest of the day. They did most of the rides they wanted to but I decided to take the photoís, as it was day for Sean & the kidís to bond & I still had loads of fun as well.