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Springboks’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 May 2008

Location: Thailand

MapHey all

We went to the river kwai today as well the tiger temple.

River Kwai
a most beautiful and scenic spot but it is ashame that it is scared with the history . Those japs had no mercy and i felt really sorry for the ppl who were prisoners and for those who died there. Before the river kwai we went to the war graves. A peaceful and scenic spot. Will put pics on as soon as. The river kwai has become quiet commercialised with a market there seeling their goods to tourists. But hey anything for a buck.

Tiger temple
Debs was smiling from ear to ear. She patted a puddy tat " I DID I DID " We reckon the tigers were sedated as they were so docile. But hey you had to be there. We had pictures done so will put on as soon as.

Going to bed now as we are knackered as the trip was 3.5 hrs driving coming back