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Hilary’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Apr 2011

MapHello friends. Leave On emirates flight for Dubai on 27th April. Two nights there and then to Heathrow. With friend in Somerset ( Portishead) and we will travel together to Morocco in early May. My last five days will be in Ealing, and will fly back to NZ from Gatwick. I hope the time away gives me the much needed break. Will miss you all and will try to update on planetranger regularly.
I think I'm right when I tell you to sign in (Google) to planet ranger , type in my name and you SHOULD get to my news page. Don't rely on that as my information is somewhat garbled. The new name for it is cranium liquifaction. Cheers and hope to hear news from home.mostly good but I can handle any bad. Just hope there is more good than bad.